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Adenanthos 'Platinum'

New Release
Tighter form, improved performance and premium hedging. Bred right here
at NPW.

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Native Plant Wholesalers

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Native Plant Wholesalers is one of the larger native plant growers in Australia producing an extensive range of quality plants. We have developed a unique range of plants and labels, including many PBR varieties. Situated half way between our major markets of Adelaide and Melbourne we are an independent nursery growing only Australian native plants.

Native Plant Wholesalers began 30 years ago by Australian native plant enthusiast, Phillip Dowling, supplying Australian native plants to farmers, retailers and cut flower growers.

Native Plant Wholesalers is set on about 12 hectares with a growing area of 6 hectares, 12 kms from Mount Gambier, SA. We produce over 600’000 plants per annum in 140mm & 200mm pots. Native Plant Wholesalers has been a Nursery & Garden Industry of South Australia Accredited Nursery since 2000.

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